University of Leicester (ULEIC)

The University of Leicester is a leading UK university delivering high quality research and inspirational teaching. Leicester is the Times Higher Education’s University of the Year for 2008-9, and is ranked 12th in the UK by the  Independent’s Complete University Guide and 14th by the Guardian and Times university guides. The University of Leicester was formed as a University College in 1919, receiving Royal assent to become a full university in 1957. It is a medium sized university with 8-9,000 full time students spread across six broad-based faculties.

The atmospheric chemistry research group at the University of Leicester  is based in the Department of Chemistry. It is part of an interdisciplinary Earth Observation Science Initiative. The group has extensive experience in atmospheric measurements and modelling from a number of different platforms including ground-based experiments, aircraft and satellites in national and international experiments. Research interests are based around the broad issues of the role of photochemistry in the control of atmospheric composition.

The Earth Observation  Science (EOS) group at the University of Leicester uses data from space-borne instruments to undertake research into the physical behaviour of our natural environment including climate change mechanisms. The programme is interdisciplinary, involving collaborative links with staff from a range of  departments and includes a range of satellite and aircraft programmes. The main research focuses on atmospheric composition and the impact of change. The group specialises in the development of the synergy between these different observing techniques and has expertise in experimental design and data exploitation for Earth Observation Science.