Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, is one of Europe’s leading independent research and development organisations. TNO is the largest fully independent Research, Development organization in the Netherlands, with a staff of over 4,000 and a total annual turnover of close to 600 million Euros. TNO’s primary tasks are to assist and support trade and industry, including SME’s, governments and others in technological innovation and solving problems by rendering services and transferring knowledge and expertise. TNO contributes to MarcoPolo through its department “Climate, Air and Sustainability”.

TNO has a long lasting experience in air quality from the perspective of modelling, emissions and monitoring. It develops dispersion models for point sources, motorways and urban streets as well the regional scale CTM LOTOS-EUROS. A large expertise is present on the compilation of emission inventories to air for e.g. priority pollutants, GHGs and particulate matter. It contributes to and supports (inter)national experts in reporting emissions to e.g., the EU, EMEP-CLRTAP and the UNFCCC. Experimental campaigns are carried out in urban areas, whereas TNO participates to the CESAR monitoring program at Cabauw. TNO has been and is involved in a wide range of EU funded research relating to air pollution, e.g. the FP6 & 7 projects AIR4EU, MACC (II), EUCAARI, MEGAPOLI, ECLAIRE, TRANSPHORM, ENERGEO and PASODOBLE and ESA GlobEmission.

Main tasks
The main tasks of TNO within the project are to collaborate on the Chinese emission inventory and to perform source apportionment calculations for China using LOTOS-EUROS.