Tsinghua University (THU)

The Center for Earth System Science (CESS) at Tsinghua University was established in 2009. CESS has now a total of 25 faculty members. CESS is initially concentrating on four broad academic fields: Earth system science, Earth system modelling, Earth observation technology, and Global change economics. It is developed to encompass the following areas of interdisciplinary research: atmospheric composition, climate variability and change, global carbon cycle, ecosystems, land use and land cover change, human contributions and responses to global environmental change, and earth system observation and monitoring.

The group of Prof. Qiang Zhang aims on quantifying anthropogenic emissions at regional and global scale. His group has been working on emission inventory development for many years. His group developed several emission inventory dataset which have been widely used in the community. Recently, they developed the Multi-resolution Emission Inventory for China (MEIC) model which can be used to support chemical transport model and climate models at different spatial resolution and time scale. They also used satellite data to evaluate and validate their emission inventories. Recently they demonstrated that OMI satellite observations have the capability to monitor emissions from large point sources in China.

Main tasks
Tsinghua will develop a bottom-up inventory for China for each month in the period 2000-2010 on a resolution of 0.25 x 0.25 degree, using The Multi-resolution Emission Inventory for China (MEIC) model framework. They will also be involved in creating a satellite-constrained emission inventory for China