School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University (SESE-SYSU)

The School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University (SESE-SYSU) is the only school consisting of two first level disciplines of  environmental science and engineering, and atmospheric science in China.  SESE-SYSU is a multi-disciplinary institute to promote studies on environmental  issues and atmospheric sciences with integration of natural science, technological science and social science. It has a Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of  Environmental Pollution Control and Remediation Technology. SESE-SYSU has 94  faculty members including 17 professors and 29 associate professors. In last 20  years, tropical meteorology and atmospheric environmental science are the main  directions of education and research, showing distinctive disciplinary and regional  characteristics. Recently, remarkable achievements have been made in the field of atmospheric heat sources, monsoon and tropical atmospheric circulation and  system, numerical modeling, atmospheric environmental science and applied  meteorology. SESE-SYSU took a series of projects, including National Natural   Science Foundation of China on Physical and chemical mechanisms for PRD  photochemical smog and its control strategy, and the National Key Basic Research  Program (973) on the air pollution under urbanization in China. SESE-SYSU was the  main institute involving the air quality assurance program for 2010 Guangzhou  Asian Games.