Fudan University/Shanghai Center for Urban Environmental Meteorology (SCUEM)


The Shanghai Center for Urban Environmental Meteorology (SCUEM) was established by Shanghai Meteorological Bureau in 2005 and is responsible for air  quality forecasting and issuing over Shanghai megacity by cooperation with  Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center. SCUEM has been operating the  atmospheric composition measurements (e.g. O3, NO, NO2, CO, SO2, VOCs, PM,  AOD, ASC, AEC, et al.) by 12 in-situ sites, ground-based remote sensing  (sun-photometer and lidar), laboratory analysis as well as satellite retrieving  (MODIS & FY-3). SCUEM is aimed to address air pollution prediction and regulation  issues at urban to regional scale as well as its feedback on urban meteorology and  climate change. SCUEM is closely cooperated with NCAR ACD, FMI, Canada Environment in the field of air quality monitoring and modelling, and successfully  conducted the WMO-Shanghai GURME Pilot Project, MIRAGE-Shanghai  atmospheric chemistry field campaign in recent 5 years. He was also a partner of  European MEGAPOLI project.

The Department of Environmental Science and  Engineering of Fudan University was established in 1996 in order to meet the  needs of the rapid development of environmental science and protection in China,  and to train the top experts of this field. At present Department of  Envirnsive university, Fudan Unionmental Science and Engineering can award  master’s and doctor’s degree with a highly-educated and young teaching and  researching team, which includes 19 professors (13 tutors of Ph.D.), 19 associate  professors, 18 lecturers. There are 62 registered staff and 6 consulting and adjunct  professors who are all well-known experts home and abroad. The  department is now applying the original foundation and characteristics of  research meanwhile enhancing the cooperation of producing, teaching and  researching with the enterprises home and abroad. The related research fields  include atmosphere environment, pollution control, cleaner production,  environmental materials, environmental project and management, and townscape  and ecology.