Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET.NO)

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET.NO) is the national meteorological service in Norway. MET.NO represents Norway in ECMWF, EUMETSAT, EUMETNET, WMO and other international forums, and takes part in international projects funded by EU and other bodies on climate, atmospheric and marine research including the application of remote sensing techniques, and air pollution research.
MET.NO employs around 400 persons, among them 70 scientists doing research  within numerical weather prediction, ocean modelling, remote sensing, air pollution, product development, instrumentation, climatology and climate research. MET.NO has extensive experience in developing methods and operational applications that have led to innovation and value addition in both the private and public sector. In air pollution research the institute hosts the western centre for modelling within the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP) under the UNECE Convention for Long Range Transmission of Air Pollutants (CLRTAP). EMEP provides the technical underpinning for air pollution policies within CLRTAP and also for the EC.

The air pollution research at MET.NO is integrated with the research on numerical weather prediction, oceanography and  remote sensing. It has a strong operational component where the results of research are turned into products that are generated on demand by policy makers, public authorities nationally or internationally or the research community. Through EMEP and its support of the EU Thematic Strategy on air pollution  MET.NO has the capability and mission to provide services in air pollution  abatement and in the understanding of the coupling of climate/weather variability and air pollution, beyond the duration of single projects.