isardSAT, S.L. (ISAT)

isardSAT is a Catalan Research-intensive SME operating in the Earth Observation domain since 2006. The company mission is to be the world leader and benchmark company in altimetry, and trusted partner to all Earth Observation domain players. The people of isardSAT develop the tools that allow to measure and understand the changes in Earth, and acts to address the damaging effects of Climate Change and improve the sustainability of the planet
This mission is accomplished through the design, calibration and maintenance of civil remote sensing instruments, which means from the development of algorithms for data processing to calibration after launch and maintenance of the instrument’s hardware and processing software until decommissioning phase. isardSAT also performs studies for scientific applications with the data acquired by these instruments. Some of these new applications developed will end-up being marketed as innovative services.

isardSAT is acknowledged as Expert Support Laboratory in the first level of processing of radar altimetry data of the European Space Agency satellites. Moreover, its team is precursor in the geophysical data retrieval (second level processing) from the new SAR mode of the altimeters. In addition isardSAT has also worked in the development of land parameter retrieval algorithms from microwave data, as well as in field experiments to validate scientific products.
During the last few years the company has been working on feasibility studies for new commercial applications, and developing a network of stakeholders interested in the resulting services, mainly in Europe and PRC. The satellites we work with for those projects are, among others, ERS-1/2, EnviSat, CryoSat-2, SMOS, Sentinel-3, Jason-CS and Haiyang-2.

Main tasks
isardSAT will lead task 7.3 of WP7, delivering the plan for public outreach of the project results and contributing to Data dissemination.