Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (IAPCAS)


The State Key Laboratory Atmospheric Boundary-Layer Physics and Atmospheric Chemistry (LAPC) was initiated in 1988 using the loan of “Key discipline Development Projects” from the World Bank. It was approved and established by Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991. It passed the national assessments in 2000,  2005 and 2010. LAPC is affiliated with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP),  Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The mission of LAPC is to attract world-class  scientific researchers, to improve the understanding of atmospheric boundary  layer (ABL) physics and troposphere Chemistry, and to provide robust scientific  knowledge and technical support for policy- making on air quality and climate  change. Since its establishment, the research directions of LAPC have been  following the new advances in atmospheric sciences and the new challenges the  nation faces. The major research directions of LAPC are: (1) Atmospheric Boundary  Layer Physics,(2) Atmospheric Chemistry, (3) Atmospheric Environment,  (4) and Global/regional Climate Change.