Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH)

DUTH/APL has long experience in satellite data analysis, instrumental studies and construction of models for the atmospheric environment. Members of DUTH have worked in many atmospheric problems including emission inventories, very demanding sub-ppt measurements of atmospheric constituents, measurements of aerosol properties, flux measurements and a variety of airborne measurements. The group has completed several EU and ESA projects including stratospheric studies, global remote sensing atmospheric composition data analysis, atmospheric composition and flux measurement campaigns and web database platforms for global and regional data. Further, the group has developed capacity for analyzing large volumes of global Remote Sensing (RS) datasets. Its members have acted as consultants to the government and many international bodies, including EU, ESA, EGU, GMES Bureau and GEO.

Main tasks
• to quantify Day-Of Week (DOW) variabilities of AOD and TCC over different regions of China (Task 2.5)
• to quantify the impact of aerosols on cloudiness for different regions of China (Task 5.4)
• to derive anthropogenic emission estimates for aerosols, CO and SO2 for different regions of China emplying a novel approach using the observed relationships between measured satellite tropospheric columnar levels of aerosols, CO, and NOx in each grid box at low wind speeds (Task 3.5).