College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University (CESE-PKU)

The College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Peking University (CESE-PKU) is one of the first institutes in China to conduct education and  researches in the field of environment. CESE-PKU is a pioneer multi-disciplinary  institute to promote studies on environmental issues with integration of natural      science, technological science and social science. It has a State Joint Key  Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control (Branch of  Atmospheric Environment). CESE-PKU has 63 faculty members including 20  professors and 28 associate professors. In recent decade, the foci of CESE-PKU  research was placed on urban and regional air pollution in China, covering  regional air pollution monitoring, kinetic study on air pollution formation  processes, and numerical model development. CESE-PKU organized a series of  national research projects, including the National Key Basic Research Program  (973) on the air pollution in coast region of east China, the national High- Tech  project (863) on the prevent of air pollution complex in city clusters in China, and  the National Natural Science foundation key project on formation of secondary air  pollution and its impact on health and climate. CESE-PKU was one of the leading institute for air quality assurance program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Game,  2010 Shanghai World Expo, and 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, and was involved  in the design of the national air quality improvement plan. CESE-PKU has signed agreements with institutions from Europe, USA, Japan, Korea for long-term  cooperation.