Newsletter MarcoPolo July 2014

Advisory and User Board completed
A new member to complete the Advisory and User Board has been found: Prof. Fan Meng who is a Chief scientist of the Urban and Regional Atmospheric Environment Division at the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) in Beijing.

Monitoring and analysis of air quality
Many partners have started to improve their retrieval algorithms and/or have started to collect data sets for the air quality in China. The first results will be delivered at the end of this year.

Validation of air quality monitoring methods

  • Preparations are ongoing to install the MAX-DOAS instrument of AUTH in the Pearl River Delta.
  • A table has been created with all information about the locations used for validation and a procedure for validation has been established. Time series of observations and model results will be made for the specific locations of these ground observations.

Data dissemination

  • A web-site has been created for the data dissemination of both the PANDA as the MarcoPolo project. A password-protected section of this web-site has been made for the internal communication of the projects.
  •  MarcoPolo has been presented at several conferences, e.g. Dragon (contribution from KNMI and IAP), ILEAPS (contribution from FMI), GEIA (contributions from KNMI, BIRA, TNO, and Tsinghua Univ.), IAC (KNMI/TNO).