MarcoPolo 2017 Final Meeting Program

Agenda February 28, 2017

9.00 Introduction (by Ronald van der A)

9.10 WP2 Satellite observations (chair: Gerrit de Leeuw)

9.50 WP3 Emission estimates from space (chair: Jenny Stavrakou)

10.30 coffee break

10.50 WP4 Source apportionment & Emission inventory (chair: Hans Hooyberghs & Qiang Zhang)

11.30 WP5 Air quality modelling (chair: Alexander Mahura)

12.20 Lunch

14.00 WP 6 Validation (chair: Jianhui Bai)

14.40 WP 7 Data dissemination and public outreach (by Bernat Martinez & Ronald van der A)

15.00 Preparation final report (by Ronald)

15:15 Presentation by Alexander BAKLANOV, World Meteorological Organisation

15.45 Discussion about future of MarcoPolo services (all)

16.00 Preparation user workshop (by Bernat & Ronald)

16:15 Discussion scientific papers (all)

16:45 Any other business

Closure of meeting