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Newsletter PANDA July 2014

Results related to PANDA presented on conferences

  • International Symposium on Atmospheric Environment Monitoring Technology and Application,14-15, May 2014, Beijng, China (Xingying Zhang, NSMC)
  • Tenth Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction for Asia (FOCRAII) ,23-25, April  2014, Beijng, China (Xingying Zhang, NSMC)
  • EGU, Vienna, Austria (Katinka Petersen, MPI-M)
  • Air Quality Conference, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (Katinka Petersen, MPI-M)
  • MACCII conference, Brussels, Belgium (Guy Brasseur, MPI-M)

Planned presentations:

  • IGAC conference in Natal/Brazil on 25 September 2014 (Michael Gauss, and Guy Brasseur, MPI-M)
  •  AGU, San Francisco, US (Guy Brasseur, MPI-M)

Publications related to Panda

  • published (accepted) a paper in the journal Atmos. Environ. title of “Analysis of seasonal ozone budget and spring ozone latitudinal gradient variation in the boundary layer of the Asia-Pacific region ” (Bin Zhu, NUIST)
  • Paper submitted to AMT on retrieval method to enhance air pollution (NO2) detection from OMI data over china (Paul Monks, ULEIC)

Work in progress

  • Work underway to progress database elements of in-situ data (ULEIC)
  • survey on how the offical AQI is calculated for China (SCUEM)
  • set up of EMEP model with MACCity emissions; EMEP global model has already been run for 2010 on 0.5 degree resolution, but with HTAP.v2 emissions and then again with ECLIPSE emissions. (
  • collection of the in-situ data over North China from 2009 to 2011,  plan of evaluation with satellite data (IAPCAS)
  • Work on the way for preparation of the summerschool (IUP-UB)
  • developement of ozone-tagging method and implementation into the Global chemistry model MOZART4 and into WRF-Chem (NUIST)
  • set up of WRF-chem model with MACCity emissions, improvement of the modelling system/chemistry method. Evaluation of the model simulations for 2010 in progress, collection of in situ data in progress (MPI-M)